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Video Marketing

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  • Promotional / Digital (for external use?)
  • Corporate (for internal use?)
  • Training / Educational
  • Branded:
  • Documentary
  • Narrative

International Production Support

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  • Fixers & Line Producers
  • Talent & Crew
  • Equipment & Solutions
  • Locations & Permits
  • Accommodation & Logistics

Original Content

Connect with a rewarding viewership advertising in our shows.

Trusted by

  • Al Arabiya (United Arab Emirates)
  • Two Island Digital (Indonesia)
  • Channel NewsAsia (Singapore)
  • Meron Marketing (Israel)
  • Town Productions (United Kingdom)
  • ActionAid (United Kingdom)
  • Better Care Network / BCN (United States)
  • Children in Families (Cambodia)
  • ACCI Missions & Relief (Australia)
  • Uptown Media / Kabel Eins (Germany)
  • Spas (Taiwan)
  • Yumark Pacific (Taiwan)
  • Junpasang (Korea)
  • Ziben (Korea)
  • Samai Rum / Rare Spirits Society (Venezuela / Cambodia)
  • Missione Possibile (Italy)
  • RTI International (United States)
  • Rubber Knife Productions Ltd. (Thailand)
  • Anodot (Israel)

Our Story

Since 2016, Angkor Films has ignited captivating stories across Cambodia. We began by supporting foreign media companies and filmmakers, bringing their cinema, television, and digital projects to life in the Kingdom of Wonder.
While our passion for international projects remains strong, we’ve expanded our vision to empower local businesses and NGOs as well, crafting content that captivates their audiences and elevates their brands.
From award-winning features like the Oscar® contender ‘In the Life of Music’ to impactful documentaries, commercials, TV shows, and corporate videos, our team’s expertise has earned the trust of rock-solid names in Cambodia and beyond, to deliver stories that resonate and inspire.
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