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My name is Sopheak. I am based in Phnom Penh and work as a Fixer (a.k.a. field producer, local producer or local production coordinator), Assistant Director (AD) and Interpreter for international Cinema and Television productions shooting in Cambodia, including TV Commercials (TVCs), documentaries, narrative short and feature films, as well as TV Shows.

This is me. Photo Credit: David D. Rivera

Besides my practical training, my filmmaking background is built upon a solid education at Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE) and Meta House, led by world-renowned storytellers, such as: Patrice Leconte, Enrique Sánchez Lansch and Arthur Cloquet.

Because I was born and raised in Cambodia, getting around is almost a piece of cake for me, since I can speak its official language, Khmer, very well and know the country like the back of my hand: its landscapes, flora, fauna, people, food and culture.

Additionally, I can also communicate in English and French fluently, tu me crois maintenant? 😉 So, rest assured that you won’t be struggling to get those creative ideas out, while you are with me in the, so called, Kingdom of Wonder.

Now, let’s face it, speaking several languages and knowing something about audiovisual production won’t get you too far though, if you don’t have the right connections. Well, don’t worry. Aware of that, I’ve built an extensive network that includes, but is not limited to official institutions, such as the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts and the Cambodian Film Commission.

I believe that my multilingual capabilities, understanding of filmmaking, deep knowledge of the country’s locations and culture, as well as my connections, make me a great asset for any overseas project involving the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Feature Film “In the Life of Music”. I am working as 2nd Assistant Director (AD) and Interpreter next to US director Caylee So (right). Photo Credit: Mout Iv.


  • “3D HAND PRINTING” (in Post) / 2017 / Documentary Short / Indonesia
    Director: Nick Calpakdjian
    Production Company: Two Islands Digital (Indonesia), Channel News Asia
    Position: fixer, interpreter & screenplay translator
    Used languages: English, Khmer
  • SOVANNAPHUM INSURANCE / 2017 / TV Commercial (DP) / Cambodia
    Client / Director of Photography: David Rivera (Venezuela)
    Position: on-set interpreter
    Used languages: English, Khmer
  • SMART “SCRATCH” / 2016 / TV Commercial (DP) / Cambodia (watch)
    Client / Director of Photography: David Rivera (Venezuela)
    Position: on-set interpreter
    Used languages: English, Khmer
  • “BALOPP” / 2016 / Narrative Short / France
    Director: Albert Oriol
    Position: fixer, 1st AD, interpreter
    Used languages: French, English, Khmer
  • UNTITLED (in Post) / 2016 / Documentary Short / UK
    Director: Jordan Alber
    Position: fixer, interpreter
    Used languages: English, Khmer
  • “IN THE LIFE OF MUSIC” (in Post) / 2015-2016 / Narrative Feature / USA
    Directors: Caylee So & Sok Visal
    Production Company: Innovision Pictures (USA)
    Position: 2nd AD, screenplay translator
    Used languages: English, Khmer

Documentary Feature (Brazil / UK). I travel with the crew and director Jordan Alber (far left) to the Cambodian countryside for filming.


  • MOHALEAP LOTTERY “DREAMS” (in Post) / 2017 / TV Commercial
    Director: Rithy
    Production Company / Client: CBS, Legend Tiger
    Position: 1st AD
    Used languages: Khmer
  • BHL “WATER PIPES” (in Post) / 2017 / TV Commercial
    Director: Sara Vorn
    Production Company / Client: LBN Entertainment
    Position: 1st AD
    Used languages: Khmer, English
  • ORKIDE VILLA “CONDO ORKIDE THE ROYAL” / 2017 / TV Commercial (watch)
    Director: Chum Sothea
    Production Company / Client: Slekrithfilm
    Position: 1st AD
    Used languages: Khmer
  • SMART “SHARE THE LOVE WITH POWER + SHARING” / 2017 / TV Commercial (watch)
    Director: Chum Sothea
    Production Company / Client: Hybrid Advertising
    Position: 1st AD
    Used languages: Khmer


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