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that helps customers discover and remember your products and services


Connect with your audience on Social Media, TV or Cinema

Our video/audio Content Production Service allows your target audience to learn about who you are and what you offer, wherever they are: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, television or at the movies.

Grow your sales today with Video Ads that attract more customers showcasing your products and services.

No matter how big or small your business is (a new startup, a passionate NGO, a growing company or a big corporation), we have the right solution to help you reach the people you want.

  • TV Commercials (TVCs)
  • Promo Videos / Documercials
  • Digital / Exclusive Branded Content (Drama, Comedy, Documentary)
  • Training / Instructional Videos


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> Important <

  • Promo Videos | We suggest some basic questions to build a message from, but ultimately it is up to the Client to prepare the message that will be said. Message Creation services are available at an additional fee.
  • Promo Videos | Basic package does not include anything that isn’t listed above, e.g.: copy (message), animations, advanced retouch/color grading, etc.
  • Additional revisions might incur in extra charges.
  • Prices valid in Phnom Penh only. Projects outside Phnom Penh will incur in additional fees.
  • One location per shooting session only, unless extra transportation fees are paid or transportation is provided.
  • Additional requests/customization beyond our included items might take more time and work. Therefore, they will incur in extra charges.
  • The client obtains the final video only, not the raw footage/audio recorded during production.
  • Promotional prices are valid for final clients only. Different prices apply for intermediaries, e.g. Ad Agencies.