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Featured Work

Some of the projects we’re proud of having embarked on.


Behind the Scenes

When work is fun, it doesn’t feel like working at all.


Projects List

Charmingo (2017 / in Post)

Type: Documentary
Director: Soda Rimo
Producer: Daso Mori
Production Co.: AF
Country: Cambodia
Service: Full production

EAC Class (2017)

Type: Documentary
Director: Soda Rimo
Producer: Dara Seng
Production Co.: Sourire Production (PSE)
Country: Cambodia
Service: Shooting + Postproduction

3D Hand Printing (2017)

Type: TV Documentary
Director: Nick Calpakdjian
Producer: Nick Calpakdjian
Production Co.: Two Islands Digital, Channel News Asia
Country: Indonesia + Singapore
Service: Production support

Sovannaphum Life Assurance (2016)

Type: TV Commercial (Insurance)
Director: Visal Sok
Producer: Theavin Uk
Production Co.: UK Productions
Country: Cambodia
Service: Crew (“English-Khmer” interpreter)

Smart “Scratch” (2016)

Type: TV Commercial (Telecom)
Director: Haiydzal Mateen
Producer: Korn Sochan
Production Co.: FilmPro
Country: Cambodia
Service: Crew (“English-Khmer” interpreter)

Balopp (2016)

Type: Narrative short film (Drama)
Director: Albert Oriol
Producer: Albert Oriol
Production Co.: Sourire Productions (PSE)
Country: France
Service: Crew (1st AD, “English/French-Khmer” interpreter)

Untitled (2016)

Type: Documentary short film
Director: Jordan Alber
Producer: Jordan Alber
Production Co.: Independent
Country: United Kingdom
Service: Crew (Fixer, “English-Khmer” interpreter)

In the Life of Music (2015-2016)

Type: Narrative feature film
Director: Caylee So & Sok Visal
Producer: Caylee So & Neardey Trinh
Production Co.: Innovision Pictures
Country: USA
Service: Crew (2nd AD, screenplay translator – English to Khmer)


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