Terms and Conditions



in order to enjoy working together

We want you to have a great experience working with us and, thus, we want to be as transparent as possible about the way we work, what to expect from us and what not. Please, read our Terms of Service below, so that you can be as informed as possible. Thank you!


  • All payments must be made in United States Dollar (USD / U$).
  • No taxes have been included for Clients based outside Cambodia or individuals in Cambodia. Companies registered and operating in Cambodia may withhold 15% WHT Tax, in compliance with the Cambodian Tax Law, which will be included in a quote and invoice specifically made for the business registered in Cambodia.
  • Because tax laws and regulations vary from country to country, should your business be located outside Cambodia, you are required to notify us of any tax that you might be obligated to withhold (retain) by your respective jurisdiction, before reaching an agreement.
  • Quotes may be further negotiated depending on the project’s specific requirements.
  • Discounts only apply if Payment Schedule is faithfully honored. Delayed payments will void any offered promotions.
  • PAYMENT SCHEDULE | All work will begin or resume only upon prior fulfillment of the following minimum-accumulated payment schedule:
    • 10% Booking: down payment to save the date(s). Refundable under certain conditions only*. No dates will be saved / confirmed until the booking fee is paid.
    • 50% Execution: prior to initiating any service or work: research (contacting people, collecting information, etc.), development or preproduction: e.g. “consultancy / advisory meetings”, location scouts, equipment / crew or logistic bookings, etc.).
    • 100% Completion: one (1) day prior to production wrap or, if no production is required, prior to service delivery.
      * Booking fee shall be refunded only in the following cases: a) the booking is cancelled within 24 hours from being made b) the Client provides a written notice (email or paper) on termination of services at least seven (7) days prior to any service initiation (including consultancy, research, etc.) or within a period of time equal to the project’s duration (including Preproduction + Production), whichever is greater. Any payment processing / pickup fees incurred in during refunds will be deducted from the refunded amount.
    • For International & Local Clients:
      ▪ Cash
      ▪ Wire / SWIFT Transfer (to Advanced Bank of Asia Limited)
      ▪ Payoneer, Transferwise, Skrill, Xoom (by PayPal), Moneygram, Western Union, IME Remit
    • For Local Clients (based in Cambodia):
      ▪ Cash
      ▪ Check (only if directly deposited by the Client)
      ▪ ABA Bank Transfer, FAST Payment
      ▪ Pi Pay, Wing, E-Money, TrueMoney
  • INTERNATIONAL TRANSFERS | In order to provide you with the greatest value, international transfers must cover all processing / transaction fees, including those imposed on the Payer AND Payee.


  • Permit Processing Service charges and Permit Fees (for General Film Permit, Angkor Wat Complex or others) set by the respective official authorities and/or government institutions must be paid in full (100%) upon service request, prior to starting the permit application process at the competent institutions. No exceptions.
  • Certain special permissions, for example, for drone flying, may have to be processed in addition to the conventional permits.


  • Additional last-minute Production Expenses, not quoted for beforehand, must be fully covered upon request.


  • One (1) week includes six (6) consecutive days of work, unless stated otherwise. Preproduction has 8-hour work days. Principal Photography / Filming has up to 12-hour work days which may be extended for an additional 2-hour Grace Period if the number of shots planned for the Day or “Average Number of Shots” hasn’t been completed under regular circumstances.


  • These rates are provided for work performed locally in Cambodia only, unless stated otherwise.
  • Transportation included for selected & indicated items applies to main Phnom Penh area only (10Km radius from TK Avenue). For other locations, additional transportation service must be either provided or added to the quote.
  • Should overnight stay outside our Home Base (Phnom Penh) be necessary, proper accommodation, meals and per diems must be additionally provided or paid for by the Production (Client). Travel Days count as Work Days.


  • Meals must be provided by the Production (Client) for shooting / filming sessions longer than 4 hours per day, even when in Phnom Penh.


  • Any additional service / product absent from or not described on our quotes is not included and, thus, will generate extra fees to the Client. When in doubt, please feel free to ask us.


  • The online promotion of our services and work showcase on our website and other digital platforms is what helped you find us. Therefore, you will allow us to use and facilitate the final product of our work together (TV spot, TV / digital show, film, video, etc.) for the non-commercial promotion of our services, e.g. demo reel, website, social media, etc. We commit to not monetize (resell, rent, etc.) your product and to only release it after your public screening. In order to not ruin any distribution deals you may have: festival runs, theatrical screenings, etc., for example in the case of movies, we agree to only posting small portions of the work.


  • Prices and availability subject to change(s) without prior notice. While we try to make sure that all prices, descriptions and other product/service information written here are accurate at all times, we are not responsible for typographical and other kinds of errors. If the posted price for a product or service is incorrect, we are only responsible for the correct price, which we will endeavor to provide to you as soon as we become aware of the error.


  • Angkor Films is an entrepreneurial initiative of self-employed producers: Sopheak Moeurn and David D. Rivera; both legally entitled to perform this kind of work in Cambodia.
  • We are an alliance of freelance film- and videomakers, third-party production companies and service providers (rentals, transportation, etc.).
  • Angkor Films currently falls under the category of “Small local and family businesses” below the Small Taxpayer bracket, under Cambodian law.
  • Even though we are not a company, in the traditional sense, we can provide you with a registered-company invoice through one of our partners, for an additional 10%, plus any fiscal obligations due (usually 10% VAT) according to Cambodian tax law.
  • Unless you strictly need a company invoice, all payments shall be made to the order of “Sopheak Moeurn” or “David D. Rivera”.


  • In order to work together, you must agree to all the terms and conditions set herein, by signing and returning the accepted quote.

When in doubt, please feel free to ask us.
We look forward to your project!